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Builder Assist

Complete your aircraft with one of our technicians and have confidence in its construction.

Aircraft Storage

Need to store your aircraft? We have hangar storage and can provide you with short and long term storage options.

Repairs & Maintenance

We can support everything from annuals to structural repairs. We can also assist with Rotax related engine services.



How long does it take?

Most gyros can be built in about two to four weeks, depending on the model. 


How much does it cost?

Depending on the model, builder-assisted assembly costs from $3,000 to $5,000. 


How soon can I get a kit?

Anywhere from 12 weeks or longer depending on your model and factory schedules. 

Is it a kit?

Yes.  In the USA gyroplanes are still considered experimental aircraft although Auto-Gyro machines are certified and sold fully-assembled in Europe and most other countries. Over 2,000 Auto-Gyro aircraft are flying worldwide.    

Is it difficult to build? 

No, but AutoGyro requires you to participate in the Builder Assist Program with one of our technicians.  

Complicated machining and fabrication are done at the factory. You will need to drill some holes, and otherwise assemble enough parts to meet the 51% builder rule for amateur-built aircraft. Craig McPherson is certified and has shop space and tools to assist you in making your assembly enjoyable and rewarding.

What about spare sparts?

Our Maryland headquarters location carries most parts that we don't typically stock. 

How much does it cost to own and maintain a gyroplane?

We recommend you budget $30 for every hour you fly to cover all operating costs including fuel, 100-hour condition inspections, oil changes, replacement of rotors ($4,000 at 2,600 hours), and TBO of Rotax engine (at 2,000 hours).  

If I have an aircraft can you service it?

Blue Skies Gyros offer a complete range of FAA and LSA certified service for your light sport aircraft including: 

  • 100-hour Condition Inspection

  • Light Sport Aircraft Repairs

  • Maintenance

How do I become an FAA certified repairman for my gyro?

To become FAA qualified to serve as the repairman for your aircraft you must either build it yourself or participate in AutoGyro's Builder Assist Program. We strongly recommend the Builder- Assist Program because it ensures a safe and properly built aircraft.  

We are certified for light sport fixed wing, powered parachutes, trikes, and gyroplanes.  

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